Nature reserve

Nature Reserves

There are four local nature reserves in Kenilworth. All are managed through a partnership agreement between Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Warwick District Council. There are reserves at Kenilworth Common, Knowle Hill, Crackley Wood and Parliament Piece.

Parliament Piece
Parliament Piece is a 14 acre parkland field managed in a traditional way taking a hay crop and then aftermath grazing by cattle. This is a unique place to see unchanged scenery in the heart of the town just 5 minutes walk from Abbeyfields. A wonderful piece of peace and quiet for all to enjoy. Its name originates from the belief that Henry III’s parliament met there in 1266.

Crackley Wood
Ancient woodland with a mixture of woodland types, glassy glades, ponds, ditches and boundary hedges. This wood is within easy walk of the town centre and has a hard surface path which allows for disabled use. Mature chestnuts on entering the wood create a impressive site. The wood is traditionally managed with a coppice with standards regime and hedge laying can be seen on the perimeter. The wood also links to the Kenilworth to Berkeswell Green that opens up a 4 mile walk into the countryside.

Knowle Hill
A diverse area of grassland, scrub and woodland which is particularly important for butterflies. There are recorded 25 species on the reserve managed with butterfly conversation to help conserve and increase the species. This area is a remnant of heath land in the centre of residential housing. It is an enjoyable stroll and has wonderful views of the surrounding areas.

Kenilworth Common
Wooded common within the town of Kenilworth. Open with some heathland this is being re-established in small pockets to retain species. Glow worms, slow worms and common lizard are just a few of the species that will benefit. A pleasant place to be just minutes from the town centre and an easy walk along the Finham Brooke from Abbeyfields.

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