Council Powers & Duties
The Town Council has the powers and duties of a parish council. It makes small grants to various voluntary organisations, including Kenilworth in Bloom and the Christmas Lights. It is a statutory consultee to the local planning authority, and its views are sought by the County and District Councils and public utilities on issues such as transport, drainage and the development of the town centre.

Town Councillors serve on various committees, working parties and groups. They also serve as town council representatives and trustees on outside bodies, for example the Edwards Charity, Kenilworth Community Care Council, and Kenilworth Abbey Advisory Committee.

Council Members
The Town Council comprises seventeen elected Councillors representing the three Town wards of Abbey, Park Hill and St John’s. Following Elections in May 2015, sixteen Councillors represent the Conservative Party, & one the Liberal Democrats. Some Town Councillors are also elected members on either or both of the Warwick District Council or Warwickshire County Council.

Office administration is headed by the Town Clerk Maggie Field who is legally “The Proper Officer ” of the Council.

The Mayor
The Town Mayor is elected to stand for a period of one year at a time and is nominated and elected by the Councillors. The Mayor Chairs the Full Council & represents The Town at civic functions and local events.

In December 2011 the Council offices, and Council Chamber relocated from Wilton House on Southbank Road to Jubilee House in Smalley Place.

Member Responsibilities
The role of a Councillor is to represent their area and provide a voice for their local community. Typically they give information and advice to constituents, campaign on local issues, represent the community within The Council, develop links and communicate with all areas of the community, support and participate in local organisations and partnerships and maintain the area and its resources.