Kenilworth Directory FAQs

Why is my Kenilworth business not listed?
The Kenilworth directory was populated from the old website which is historic data. We would encourage you to register as a user on the site and list your business (subject to approval). Apply to register your business.

Who can add a listing to the Kenilworth Directory?
Anyone with a business in Kenilworth can be added, subject to approval Kenilworth Town Council.

Is there a cost to listing my business?
No, there is no charge to list your business.

Why do I have to register to add my business?
For data security reasons you need to be a registered user so only you have access to amend your business listing.

My business details are out of date, how do I change them?
You can apply to “Claim this listing”, which will give you access to update your business details. The “Claim this listing” option should appear next to your business listing.
(If you do not see the “Claim this listing” option, please email with your request and we will be in touch within 2 – 3 working days)


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