Kenilworth Events FAQs

I have a question about an event listed, who do I contact?
We take no responsibility for events organised other than those run by Kenilworth Town Council. Please contact the event organiser direct.

Who can add an event to
Anyone who is organising an event in Kenilworth can submit the event. We do reserve the right to refuse to publish events we feel are not appropriate for this website.

Who authorises the publication of my event?
This website is owned by Kenilworth Town Council and all content is monitored and managed by the council.

How long does it take to publish my event once it is authorised?
Please allow 2-3 working days for your event to be shown.

How do I add an event?
Visit the Add an Event page and complete the short form.

Is there a cost to add my event?
No, there is no charge to list an event.

Can I show a map to my venue?
As part of the adding event process, you be able to select an existing venue or add your specific venue details which will be displayed on a map.

My organisation runs several events – is there a way of managing these?
You can email and request a user login which will allow you to manage multiple events. User access will be granted if your request is successful.

Do you know how else I can publicise my event?
Warwick District Council has a useful page of information on what they can do to help you with your event.