Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan – The Pre-Submission Consultation


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A Statement from George Illingworth

Chairman Neighbourhood Plan Working Party

We have reached a key stage with our Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan – The Pre-Submission Consultation. This was unfortunately delayed as we waited first for the WDC Local Plan to be finalised for the Town and then for the Local Elections.

Now the Consultation is live, from 15th May to 8th August 2017

This is slightly different from the previous consultations. Then we were seeking your thoughts, ideas and input. We received a large amount. We have now hopefully digested all the information and we have produced a Plan which we trust reflects the balance of your views. Our main aims have been to influence the major housing developments to the East of the town, and to integrate them into the community whilst improving the existing town without losing its special character.

The result is quite a complex document as you might expect for a town like Kenilworth. We have therefore enabled it to be downloaded in Sections of manageable size. Please note that some of the maps are particularly large files as they contain much detail.

In this statutory 6 week period we seek your confirmation that we have got it right and your support to take it forward. Of course we are very happy to hear of suggestions for improvements or corrections of any errors.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support, help and interest in the Future of Kenilworth.

Cllr George Illingworth July 2017

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