March Press Release from the Town Council

With the Snowdrops and Crocus in flower outside Jubilee House, and  splendid displays in St. Nicholas Churchyard and other places –  Spring is on the way despite the recent weather. We also look forward to the belated opening of our new Railway Station after many years of campaigning.

We were very pleased to learn last month that with the support of the School Governors, and the Town and County Councils, the District Council has obtained a grant of £9.6million to assist the relocation of our wonderful Kenilworth School.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now in the final stages of adoption and will come before the Council for approval on the 15th March, before submission to the District when a further consultation will take place on the final draft. The process has been lengthy but this was due to a thorough consultation and the need to give careful consideration to  a plan which will influence the future development of our Town.

The Council has also commissioned a full independent traffic survey  of the Town, together with the District and County Councils, which will assist our future planning to mitigate the traffic problems which we suffer.

Further, with our neighbours at Burton Green and other local parishes, we have asked for survey of the HS2 route which adjoins this area, to see what further mitigation we can seek from its effects.