Project Support Grant Criteria

Applications will be considered for a Kenilworth Town Council grant where they meet the following criteria:

  1. The group/organisation should be active within Kenilworth and should provide a benefit, service, support, entertainment or information.
  2. Applications may be considered from individuals provided they are a member of a local organisation (as above) and the activity for which they are asking for support is connected to that organisation.
  3. The work of any organisation directly benefits a number of residents of Kenilworth.
  4. The organisation has a written constitution with clearly defined aims and objectives.
  5. The organisation has a clear financial need. Account will be taken regarding how much money the organisation has, including any special reserves set aside for particular projects. Additionally, if the balance is high in relation to spending then an explanation will be required to justify the reasons why the organisation is still applying for a grant – we expect to see audited or independently examined accounts.
  6. The organisation has its own bank account with at least two authorised signatories.
  7. The organisation must be non-party political, non-profit making and not for personal financial gain.
  8. Retrospective applications will not normally be considered.
  9. Applications may be linked to a specific project or an ongoing project.
  10. Grant applications that require matching funding as evidence of local/community support to lever in additional grants from other funding sources will be considered.


Any Grant awarded must be used for purposes stated on the application only. If the organisation decides that it wishes to spend the monies on an alternative project it must ask the council for written permission to do so.

  • Grants must not be used to settle debts on behalf of the organisation, nor be used to retrospectively fund projects.
  • Kenilworth Town Council reserves the right to recall any grant given to an organisation which ceases to operate during the financial year for which the grant has been given.
  • All payments must be made by electronic transfer.


Successful organisations must:

  • Acknowledge the grant together with other sources of funding in appropriate publicity and detailing how it was spent in its annual report and accounts, a copy of which should be sent to the Town Council as soon as it has been published.
  • Within two months of completion of event / project applicants must provide a report of the event including how the monies were used. This is required by Kenilworth Town Council to be able to show tax-payers how their money has been spent to comply with the law and audit requirements. Failure to comply will affect any future funding requests. (Reports as Word documents submitted via email if possible).

Download Project Support Grant Criteria

If you feel your application meets our criteria please download the Application Form.