Outside Bodies

Councillor appointments to Outside Bodies are listed below:

Abbey Advisory Committee

Councillor Mrs Marilyn Bates

Councillor Mrs Rowena Hill


Town Centre Partnership (including Street Pride Elements)

Councillor Michael Coker

Councillor John Cooke

Councillor Andrew Mobbs



Councillor Mrs Kate Dickson

Councillor Mrs F. Bunker


Illuminations Committee

Councillor Mrs Marilyn Bates

Councillor Richard Davies

Councillor Richard Hales

Mr J. Bausor

Mrs S. Powell


Campaign to Protect Rural England:Councillor Richard Davies

Citizens’ Advice Bureau: –  Councillor Marilyn Bates

Connect2/SUSTRANS Kenilworth Steering Group:Councillor Andrew Mobbs

Kenilworth Community Care: – Incumbent Mayor:

Kenilworth Twinning Association:Councillor Patricia Cain

South Warwickshire PPI Forum Support (CHIEF):Councillor Mrs Kate Dickson

Warwick District Council Planning Forum:- Councillor Kate Dickson


Charity Trustees

Edwards Coat & Gown

Councillor Kate Dickson    

Councillor George Illingworth

Councillor Mrs Pat Cain


Kenilworth Institute Trust Fund

Councillor Michael Coker


Kenilworth United Charity                              

Councillor George Illingworth

Councillor Clive Nelson  


William Edwards School Charity    

Councillor Michael Coker

Mr Norman Vincett

Mr Patrick Ryan


Kenilworth Fairtrade Steering/Action Group

Councillor Kate Dickson

Councillor Felicity Bunker