Felicity Bunker

Felicity Bunker

Address: 17 Stansfield Grove, Kenilworth, CV8 2SB

Tel: 01926 856157

Email: felicity.bunker@kenilworth.org

Group: Conservative

Felicity Bunker represents Park Hill Ward on Kenilworth Town Council and Warwick District Council.

As Chairman of the Finance Committee, she has been active in ensuring that our residents have good value for money, while supporting initiatives to enhance the life of the Town. She will always do her best to promote the interests of the town and to improve where appropriate the facilities available to everyone. She has always responded to requests from residents and tried to achieve a positive outcome for them and will continue to do so. She supports our local businesses by shopping in Kenilworth.

On the District Council, Felicity is Chairman of The Employment Committee. She serves on the Planning and Standards Committees. She is the Warwick District appointed governor at the South Warwickshire Foundation Trust Hospital. She Chairs the Business Oversight Committee and serves on the Numerations and Remunerations Committee at the hospital.

She has had the honour to be Mayor of Kenilworth twice and Chairman of Warwick District Council.

Having lived in Kenilworth as a child, Felicity returned to our town some thirty one years ago and would not want to live anywhere else.

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