George Illingworth

George Illingworth

Address: Tree Tops, 21 Manor Road, Kenilworth, CV8 2GJ

Tel: 01926 511183


Group: Conservative

George Illingworth has lived in Kenilworth for over thirty-five years and was first elected to the Town Council to represent Abbey Ward twelve years ago.  Eight years ago he was also elected to the District Council. As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer he quickly established a reputation in the Council for clear thinking on all subjects but particularly on planning and development matters.  He chairs the Town Council Planning Committee.  At the District Council, he chairs the Licencing and the Regulatory committees and has chaired working parties on CCTV and flooding.  Locally he led the beneficial liaison with Severn Trent during their major sewer project.  He maintains a keen interest in flooding and other emergency issues and was a staunch defender of our local fire station.

Soon after first election George became involved in all the details of the developments in the Town Centre and is delighted that it is so successfully coming together, though he is keen on preserving the historic environment and is determined to keep Kenilworth a special place in which to live. He now leads on the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan in anticipation of the new District Local Plan. For five years now George has been heavily involved in understanding the dreadful implications of the HS2 scheme from the moment it was raised and he proposed the motion which first brought the threats to the attention of all the District Councillors.  He continues to be involved in the discussions on mitigation of the threat should the line be built and leads on HS2 issues at both the Town and the District Councils.

George keeps in close touch with residents and action groups.  He is also active in the Royal British Legion and helps organise Remembrance Sunday.  He always says that many years spent in the Territorial Army and Round Table were ideal training for a local councillor.

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