Kate Dickson

Kate Dickson

Address: 3 Barrow Road, Kenilworth. CV8 1EG

Tel: 01926 779159

Email: kate.dickson@kenilworth.org

Group: Liberal Democrat

Kate is married to Richard, and they have three daughters, who have attended Kenilworth School. A Kenilworth resident for twenty years, she is an active member of the local community. She is a past chair of St John’s School PTA and of Kenilworth Ladies Circle, and now enjoys helping to organise the Toddler group at St. John’s Church. She works part-time as a Midwife.

Kate says councillors should be easily approachable and in touch with the residents they represent, in order to identify the needs of the community. She is delighted that Kenilworth is a Fairtrade town and is an active member of the local Fairtrade group, recognizing this as a way that local businesses and councils can identify themselves as being different.

Kate feels Kenilworth is a good place for families so planning decisions should make facilities available and accessible for all ages. She is proud of the town’s schools which provide excellent education for our young people, and has worked on the advisory board of St John’s Children’s Centre since its inception. Kate is keen that services are provided to meet the needs of the community.

On 25th May 2017 Kate was appointed Mayor of Kenilworth.

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