Marilyn Bates

Address: 41 Thornby Avenue, Kenilworth, CV8 2DY

Tel: 01926 513249

Mobile: 07818 710462


Group: Conservative

Marilyn has lived in St John’s Ward since 1988, working in the IT sector. She retired in 2013 from her role as a Senior Project Manager at IBM where she worked with many varied clients.

Since her election to the Town Council in 2015, she has been keen to learn about the workings of her town and to become a willing participant in the running of it.

Marilyn is the council representative for Kenilworth Abbey Advisory Committee where she is also a trustee and treasurer for the Harry Sunley Memorial Project, working to open the Abbey Gatehouse to display its wonderful artefacts.

In 2017 she was appointed as a trustee to the Waverley Day Centre and has become involved with many projects there. 

Since 2016 she has been a member of the Kenilworth Christmas Lights Committee and in 2017 wrote the report that enabled the new lights to be financed. She has been thrilled with the positive response to the lights.

Marilyn led the ‘Tourism and Employment’ working party for the Neighbourhood Plan which led to an interest in Tourism. Since then she has met with ‘Shakespeare’s England’ and Warwick District Council to understand how Tourism can be improved in the town. She has recently been appointed to lead a Tourism Group to achieve just that.  

In 2017 Marilyn recorded and helped analyse the 600+ comments from the responses to the Neighbourhood Plan consultations and in 2018 she wrote the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement with input from the Deputy Clerk and the leader of the Neighbourhood Plan.

She serves on the Planning Committee and the Finance & General Services Committee for the Council and often substitutes at English Heritage meetings. 

Marilyn would love to see a ‘greener’ Kenilworth with fewer cars, more cycle tracks and safer walking paths. Her aim is to ensure that Kenilworth remains the beautiful, unique little town that it is today.

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