Michael Coker

Michael Coker

Address: 5 Elmbank Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1AL      

Tel: 01926 855433

Email: michael.coker@kenilworth.org

Group: Conservative

Michael Coker has lived in Abbey Ward with his family for many years, he is a retired solicitor and former HM Coroner for Warwickshire.  

He has been Town Mayor, District Chairman, Leader of the Town and District Councils and is currently Deputy Leader and District portfolio holder for Culture.  

He chaired the Committees which built the Swimming Pools in Kenilworth, Warwick and Leamington and is now in charge of their remodelling and the huge extension of leisure facilities in Leamington and Warwick which will extend to Kenilworth this year. 

He led the team that brought Women’s  World Bowls to Leamington and the Commonwealth Games Bowls Championships to be held in 2022.

He chaired the Governors of St Augustine’s when funding was obtained to build the new school and led the campaign to fund and build St Francis Church in Warwick Road.

Michael initiated the movement to refurbish Abbey End and the Town Centre and the Committee that oversaw its redevelopment with the arrival of Waitrose, the first stage of Talisman Square, Kenilworth Centre, Senior Citizens Club and the new Civic Centre. 

He led the Working Party on the Town Action Plan and helped its conversion into our Neighbourhood Plan and was heavily involved in the opposition to HS2 and now in seeking mitigation measures.

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